How to explain your business with a video?

Explaining your business is not easy. You have to approach people that are normally skeptical, people that have heard, read or seen other business ideas and are analyzing with detail everything you present.

Everything is way easier if you do it with a video.

If you go to any well know startup event, you’ll see that explicative videos are everywhere. How to explain your ideas with a video? Let’s find out.

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6 online video marketing strategies that you should be using

More and more companies are managing to gain more engagement from their clients, thanks to online video production. A common question is “Do I have enough resources to design a long term online video marketing strategy combining formulas that retain my customer’s interest?

In this article, we will talk about the 10 more popular online video strategies in the American market that come in essential when you want to stand out from your competition.

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What do the best corporate videos have in common?

At this point, you probably already know the importance of having an online corporate video on your website when it comes to achieving higher levels of visibility and proximity that will lead to conversions.

So you finally decided to give video marketing a chance, but now you’re faced with the question of what elements should you include and what types of corporate video will help you reach success.

In order to help you out with this issue, we list in this article the 5 things all great corporate videos have in common.

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How video production can improve your corporate identity

Do you ever look at your website and get the feeling you are not conveying anything different than your competition?

In spite of your efforts at offering better products and services, you can’t make your brand to stand out. The problem resides in the fact that you haven’t worked properly in your corporate identity.

In this post, we’ll explain what this concept is about and the advantages of using a corporate video in your strategy to stand out in your market.

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